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Dazzling Blue Christmas Nail Ideas for the Festive Season

Dazzling Blue Christmas Nail Ideas for the Festive Season

The holiday season is your time to shine, so when it comes down to style and beauty you should go all out starting with some festive nails. This year, the whole town is all abuzz with blue Christmas nails that give a sophisticated and versatile choice for nailo-holic people as well as professional nail artists. Classic navy with a sparkle, an intricate snowflake design – we scoured Instagram to find the best of blue Christmas nails. From understatedly frosty to in-your-face statement, the following 15 creative ideas are sure to have you racking your creativity till every last nail has been painted.

Classic Blue with Sparkle

Another option of blue Christmas nails that never gets old is the classic dark navy with a touch of sparkles. Stick with a rich black hue for your base coat Image: Getty Start by choosing an inky navy polish as the foundation layer. The color is a rich base that can be either glammed up or toned down. Then, highlight your nails with a silver or white glitter. Use your brush or finger to dust the above with some glitter, focusing on either painting top half of nails. Or you can snowflake effect from painted tips and blend upwards a bit in brief strokes using same technique as first method. But this combo makes your nails super chic and has that wintry feeling to it.. perfect for any holiday season gathering!

Snowflake and Frost

To attributes vibrant appearance, generate snowflake or even frost style in your nails. Start with a light blue matte nail polish as your base. This soft shade is reminiscent of the tranquil beauty of a white winter scene. HOW TO DO IT: Once your nude base is dry, whip out it again the white nail art pen and draw on gorgeous snowflakes. Optionally, size and complexity can be changed for a more visual interesting snowflakes Sprinkle with vegetable powder and bake for about 25 minutes, leaving a gentle pattern from Winter.

Arctic Ice Crystals

The arctic ice crystals design is for you if want something more stand-out. For a more beautiful effect make an ombre (that is, from light blue to dark) across all your nails. The result is a cool gradient that will remind you of snow-capped mountains. For an elevated look, top with rhinestones or adhesive snowflake stickers. Strategically place them on any nail, mimicking how the ice forms naturally. It is a glamorous design that you will definitely always be the center of attention at any holiday party.

Midnight Winter Sky

Photograph the wonder of a winter night sky with this midnight winter cotton fabric design. With the gradient in mind, go ahead and paint your entire nail a dark blue as though it were perhaps part of the night sky itself. After applying your base, make small dots or stars using silver for the twinkling stars. For Scott, the easiest way to achieve a basic checkerboard print is by using either a nail art pen or dotting tool. It is an elegant and cute design that suits holiday mood perfectly.

Blue Glitter Frost

If you love all things sparkly, then the blue glitter frost design is perfect for everyone. Use light blue glitter polish across the rest of your nails for a burst of color. The glitter reflects light so stunningly, that it makes your nails gleam like the frost! Round out the look with snowflake nails wraps or decals for a touch of holiday cheer. This design is the combination of a sparkle from glitter with winter themes.

Elegant Sapphire Elegance

Make your blue Christmas nails look a little bit of luxurious by going for the sapphire style elegance design. Beginning with a sleek sapphire blue that has an elegance all its own. Gold flake or hints will give it a little extra luxury. You can use it to paint your nail spikes, and they do have a pull then apply the cops over to look at me like sp usenet abstract designs. Blue and gold are a royal, festive colour combination.

Frosty Ombre

The ombre style with frosted paint adds a modern flare to standard holiday nails. With colours of different shades, from light to dark white regained again the lost ombre effect. This is a great gradient effect, giving your nails depth and dimension. Finish the frosty appearance by adding some iridescent glitter on your nails. It gives a frosted finish which is great for winter.

Christmas Snowman

Christmas snowman design for a playful holiday nails Apply the light blue polish as a base to your nails, this will create a wintery landscape. Draw small snowmen with scarves and hats using nail art pens Experiment with the patterns, as well; feel free to include designs of various colors on top.”) Okreject( This Hot Structure Is Making Everybody Smile

Icy Winter Wonderland

Icy Snowy Winter Wonderland Nail Design Use a baby blue paint for the background to symbolise snow-filled sky. Add small white pearls or beads on your nails to give a snowflake-effect. Place the pearls in different designs and get a fairy type output. This is for the soft, magical beings among us!

Blue Ribbon Elegance

Blue Ribbon Elegance – Blue Christmas Nails The Beautifully Shimmery Base: Begin with a metallic blue. It comes with those dainty silver ribbon designs as well to further elevate the look. Diagonal lines, bows or any other relevant patterns can be formed. This blanket matches the lighthearted appearance of ribbons with advanced steel polish.

Frozen Lake Reflections

Create the frozen lake reflections design Start with a dark blue base and top coat of sparkly glitter that looks like reflective ice. Finish by painting the silver lines or patterns that would capture light off of frozen water. The style is a combination of calm and striking, perfect for the snowy season.

Nordic Winter Patterns

Pattern of Nordic winter patterns perfect for a cozy, festive look. Opt for a matte blue polish as your subtle and sophisticated base of the manicure. Paint some Norwegian patterns with white nail polish, like reindeer or snowflakes. Traditional holiday patterns play up the charm of these nails, a great look for your next festive event.

Blue Christmas Lights

Here is the blue Christmas lights design for your nails which will jingle and bells on them as well. Start off with a dark blue base for your nails to replicate the night sky. With small dots of assorted colored nail polishes make the effect to represent X-Mass lights. Dotting tool or thin brush for precise work. Sure to give you a fun holiday feel with this playful design

Shimmering Ice Queen

Like a shimmering ice queen? A shimmering silver light blue base for a frost finish. Decorate your nails by placing the clear crystals, or sparkly gems. Great for making a statement with your festive outfit.

Holiday Penguins

Make your nails adorable with holiday penguins. Then, paint a medium blue base all over your nails to make it look like winter. Decorate with Nail Art Pens and Add Cute Santa Hat & Scarf Penguins A fun festive design that will be the life and soul of every seasonal shakedown.


Elegant Blue Christmas Nails(uri:nil) whimsical These BLUE CHRISTMAS nails could be really elegant depending on the design you choose or super playful and fun! If you prefer the classic design or a new modern twist, there is something for everyone. Discover 15 Entries to Get the Sexiest Blue Christmas Nails Looking for a way to jazz up your holiday nails? Try out these looks, and be sure to share the results with our community of beauty lovers! Wishing you Holidays filled with fun and creativity!

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