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Jaymee Sire: Red, White, and Blue Art – 3 Ways

For nail art enthusiasts, beauty bloggers and fashionistas alike, the just-right combination of red, white and blue just never goes out of style. Sure, this color trio is most commonly associated with national holidays, but the combination of red, white, and blue is a powerful one that comes in handy more times than you might think! Whether you’re prepping for the Fourth or just a real patriot at heart, red, white and blue nails are the best way to show it. Here is your ultimate guide to the most beautiful manicure designs and techniques with which you can nail your next manicure.

Traditional Patriotic Nails

Red, White, and Blue Color Scheme Cheatsheet

This classic red, white, and blue color palette is a simple yet powerful visual cue. This set of colors are in great harmony together and open up so much design possibilities. Red?-?Passion and Energy White- Purity and Simplicity Blue?-?Calmness and Reliability They both balance out each other and bring an interesting aspect to the looks.

How to Design Timeless Flags

You can get a flag design on your nails with just a little effort and they look fantastic Use a white base coat to make the colors stand out. Thin nail art brushes or striping tape for clean lines One common design is to make some of the nails red and white striped, with blue and white stars for others, essentially making an American flag. You could mix red, white and blue one each nail to make your nails look like American Flag.

Sparkling Fireworks Nail Art

Festive Fireworks Glow by Sparkles and Glitter

Who doesn’t love pink fireworks. To replicate this look on the nails, you could began with a black or dark blue color. Next randomly add bans of Red, White and Blue glitter polish to make it look like fireworks. Layer and combine this with some colored glitter to give a little more dimension.

How to Achieve This Glam Step-by-Step

Start with your nails, use a first-layer base coat. Polish your nails with a black or dark blue varnish and let it dry. To achieve this look, use a thin brush to apply the glitter polish in short strokes radiating from the center of the nail outward. Multiple layers of glitter will look like fireworks. Top it off with a nice clear coat for sealing your design and extra shine.

Nautical Theme Nails

Stripes and Anchors Nail Design

Red, White and Blue are often associated with Nautical themes which is a summer favorite. This will work stripes, anchors, sailor knots in your nail design. Matte white nails are the perfect canvas for red and blue striping tape.

Take a look at our marine-inspired tips below

Then I drew the shape of a small anchor on top with a fine brush or nail art pen. Nail stickers or stencils are also ideal for precise placement. Some tiny gold studs or pearls around the boundaries of your nautical design can finish off your product and give it a sharp, fashion forward look.

Floral Patriotic Patterns

Red, White and/Or Blue Floral Pieces

They’re feminine and patriotic with a red, white + blue floral. Select flowers that come in these colors like roses, lilies and cornflowers. Apply to a white or light blue base and grab a fine brush to line tiny flowers in red and white.

Complimentary Color Scheme Flower Types

If you prefer to paint, such things as roses, daisies or tulips can be painted in red and white on a blue background. Grab that dotting tool and add any tiny details like the centers of his flowers. Work with a variety of flowers to see which fits best with your style.

Ombre Gradient Effect

How to Create a Red, White, and Blue Ombre

Ombre nails mix several colors together with a gradient effect. Make a flag with red, white, and blue from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Apply the colors with a makeup sponge for blending.

Tools and Polish to Use for a Blending Gradient

Blending Technique – Use a makeup sponge disponible on super drug for an amazing ombre effect. Lastly, use a sponge to strip the red, white and blue polishes together and then dab it onto the nail. For additional opacity repeat. Finally, apply a top coat to further integrate the colors and give it reflectance.

Geometric Patterns

Modern Nail Art With Geometric Shapes

Geometry – Also very fashionable and when in red, white and blue? YES please! Triangles, diamonds, or squares will do a great job of modernizing any abstract design. Striping tape to create clean lines and straight edges

Triangle Patterns, Diamonds, and Squares Examples

Either place striping tape on the nail to create a triangle shape, or use a brush with white polish to get a similar design in the same color family as the ones I used. Put different shapes on each nail. This design is all-purpose and you modify per your way of life.

Abstract Art Inspiration

Red, White and Blue Abstract Ideas

This is what we mean abstract art and it open a door to infinite creativity. Try Some red, white and blue splashes, swirls, and dots that are sure to turn heads Feel free to mix asymmetrical designs and shape out of hand.

Try Out Asymmetry and Freeform Shapes

Use a fine brush to make random swirl designs in red, white and blue. I like to mix and match varying shapes and sizes for an eclectic vibe. These abstract designs are great for those who like to be different with their manicures.

Vintage Americana Nails

Vintage, Retro Americana Inspired Design

Nostalgic nail art is all about the vintage Americana themes. The pin-up girls, the retro cars and the diner signs. Try using antiqued versions of red, white and blue

Give the Nails an Aged and Old School Look

Then, Matte Top Coat again and use a sponge to add some Brown Nail Polish for that vintage lived-in look. Go for vintage themes with the likes of stars, stripes and iconic American imagery.

Sports Team Spirit Nails

Nail Art Ideas to Represent your Favorite Sports Teams or Events

Red, white and blue nails about to let all that team spirit shine through. These colors could easily stand for some of the most notable American sports teams, whether you favor soccer, baseball or football. Design clever team logos and even choose the color!

Creative use of Logos or Team Colors

5- Nail Stickers or Stencils to Add a Team Logo to Nails Pair them with red, white, and blue stripes or polka dots to support your hometown. This is a game day design or good for any sport event.

Holiday Celebration Nails

Nail art for National holidays like Independence Day

Treat national holidays as the opportunity to wear your best red, white, and blue nails. We have already come up to the most patriotic season of all… Independence Day, and what would be more fitting than fireworks, flags and stars?!

Themed Nail Designs For Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Etc.

Maybe just a red poppy for Memorial Day or a Go Single american flag nail. July 4th is the perfect time for more daring choices with lots of shimmer and shine. You can customize your nails according to the theme of each holiday.

Star-Spangled Banner Nails

Ideas of How to Add Stars in Nail Art

Patriotic manicures would not be complete with stars on your nails. Draw on stars with a stencil or nail art pen in assorted sizes. Put them on blue backdrop for timeless feel or blend it with any other designs to create a little drama.

Star Motif in Varying Sizes and Placements

Try several different star sizes and spacing. Generate a cascade effect smaller stars close to the cuticle and larger ones near the tip. It can be used as themes or parts of other creative concept.

Basic Red, White, & Blue

Keeping Things Easy And Elegant With Minimalistic Designs

For a place that (like its site) skews minimalist, these dig’s are for those who prefer a more subdued look. Small lines, dots and negative space give a chic minimalist approach to nail designs. Classy and stylish, this is

How to use Negative Space in Nail Art

Using negative space for clean, modern design Paint a line of red, white or blue over your nude base, creating half moon in the bottom. This method adds a subtle flair that does not take over the layout.

3D Nail Accents

Embellishing with Rhinestones, Beads, or Charms

Adding 3D accents to really turn up your nail art. Or Place Red, White and Blue Rhinestones, Beads or Charms. These will help to make your nail metallic and more dimensional.

Secure 3D Art to Nails

Apply 3D Additions to Your Nails With Nail Glue or Strong Top Coat Carefully place them as to not get stuck on clothing or something of the like Top off with a shiny topcoat to secure everything in position.


Inspiration On National Flags and Cultural Iconography

Get a little patriotic with this combination of the red, white and blue flags into your nails. Like stars, stripes and other imagery that has been iconic. Influenced by the different arts and cultural motifs.

Mixing and Mashing Different Art Styles

Consider mixing standard and current craftsmanship styles to create genuine plans. Incorporating the likes of geometric patterns, abstract shapes and cultural symbols to really make your nail art pop. This does the double duty of injecting an added layer of depth and meaning into your designs.

Seasonal Variations

Seasonal Red, White, and Blue Nails (Summer, Winter, etc)

Pair your red, white, and blue mani with holiday themes for the various seasons. Summer is perfect for the bright and bold design Winter, on other hands, tend to suit darker a sentiment topics. Make it Seasonal It also requires customization, a simple design that matches the trend of each season.

Design Flexibility for Seasonal Ideas or Trends

Begin with sticking to seasonal trends, use stencils of snowflakes in the winter or flowers in the spring. Modify the colours to match the season. This ensures your nail art is current and on point.


This trio of colors can be used in so many ways on your nails to show off your creative and fun side. From classic prints to shiny fireworks to simple elegance you can find a style for either one of them. This is something that you can do too, just by trialling different techniques and themes to create nail art that will be completely unique to you and your style. Looking to step up your nail game? Be a part of the nail community and post your patriotic designs for us to see!

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