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Disney Inspired Nail Arts to Get Fashion

Nail Art Designs : Disney-Inspired Nail Arts to Get Fashion and Trendy Mom Moments!

Love Disney and nails on fleek?? Here we comes with a stunning nail art designs just for you! If you’re someone who loves fashion or a stylish mom looking to elevate her look with some Disney magic, this guide is for you. Find cute and easy Disney-inspired nail designs you can do yourself. These nail art ideas are a perfect mix of old characters and the new flair, making them your everyday does to make you feel like part of Disney magic with yours as well.

Classic Mickey Mouse

  1. Well, Mickey Mouse is one of few such characters. Get a truly classic look with red and black color combinations (just add the face of Mickey to every nail!) It is simple yet a classic design, so any Disney fan would love it.
  2. Top Dress, $30.45 BUY IT: Add some Minnie Mouse vibes with white polka dots on the red base! You can even switch up designs between Mickey and Minnie on each nail. The colors of red, black and white plays off each other in a visual contrast yet playful way to get you noticed faster.
  3. Add a little glitter to the top coat for some extra magic. This spot lay will not just provide a shimmer to your nails but will also prevent the design from peeling off.

Princess Aurora

  1. Sleeping Beauty is your spirit animal with this Princess Aurora mani. Begin with a subdued pink foundation that evokes Aurora’s dress. This light shade is ladylike with just enough punch and fits for life.
  2. Because she is a princess, add one or two nails with golden crown accents. It seems like a small, insignificant addition but can actually make an incredible difference and will add some real elegance to your outfit. So you could also use gold nail polish, or even little crown stickers (for example).
  3. You might want to bring in a small representation of Sleeping Beauty’s castle for good measure – how else would we know if this was truly Disney? Use fine nail art brushes or decals to achieve this effect. A castle which feels both quirky and also complements the rest of the outfit to make you feel like a real Disney princess.

Winnie the Pooh

  1. Winnie the Pooh Nail Art Tutorial For bringing some of the Hundred Acre Wood to your fingertips. Here: Begin with a honey yellow foundation that reflects our favorite Pooh Bear. This vibrant, cheerful color will instantly boost your mood.
  2. Now Add Pooh’s Face On One Of Your Nails. To do this, you can detail with black and red enamel. If you are not great at drawing by hand (like most people) then use some nail art stickers or decals to create the perfect Pooh face.
  3. For an accent nail, a honey pot design is great. The subtle touch works with the yellow base and makes sure that the look is all brought together. Such a fun and cutesy way to rock your love for this classic Disney character.

The Little Mermaid

  1. Take a dive and delve into your inner merwoman with this underwater nail design. Thinking about the sea, begin with a base of ocean blue The color is very calming, but it pops as well – which introduces the design for everywhere else.
  2. Create a nod to Ariel’s underwater home with some seashell accents on a few of your nails. Seashell stickers or other various small rhinestones can be applied to the nail plate for a bumpy three-dimensional effect.
  3. After those are done, go back in and paint a silhouette of Ariel up one side using the shiny green then another coatrible matte topcoat. The combination of blue and green is still very attractive. If you ever wanted to live under the sea with Ariel, then this design is perfect for your home decorator.

Toy Story

  1. Toy Story Nail Art DIYS with Chalkboard Nails Start with sky blue wall color as Andy’s room. This light blue was refreshing and looks great carried over to the elements.
  2. On a few nails, you can mix white clouds and meandering floating snow to make the whole garden in your heart Beatles cheated. To do that all you need is a dotting tool or a small brush. The clouds add the playful scene, which is something that any Toy Story fan would recognize in an instant.
  3. Then, to make the rest magical, paint Woody’s hat or Buzz Lightyear purple and green accents on one of two nails. These little details are a nod to your favorite characters and will make you sexy in seconds.


  1. Get the Frozen look for your nails to keep things cool. Begin with a frozen blue foundation synonymous to the glacial powers of Elsa. The color is stunning and has an air of sophistication to it but also whimsical – a perfect shade for any Disney Frozen fan!
  2. Do a snowflake accent on some nails for that wintery touch. Get creative with snowflake designs white nail polish coated top coat, using a fine brush. Or you can go the easy way and buy some fake snowflake stickers.
  3. You might even want to add Elsa’s braid design in one of the nails for extra oomph. To do this, a mix of whites/ light blondes work to create Elsa signature hairstyle. The braid is unique touch of personalization in your nail art.


  1. This design will turn your nails in a fairy tale. Start with a silver base that embodies the magic of Cinderella’s ball gown. This silver is a brilliant, attention-grabbing shade.
  2. Throw in a pumpkin carriage accent nail or two that depicts Cinderella making the trip to ball using her enchanted ride. Finish off with a little orange and green nail polish for the details or try carriage-shaped stickers instead.
  3. Finish off by adding a glass slipper look-a-like on your ring finger. It is a detail like this that puts the final touches to the design and gives you Walt Disney dream feeling.

Lion King

  1. Lion King African Savanna Nail Design Sunset orange is the base and will clearly replicate those beautiful lands by which we begin our journey. It is also a warm hue at once vivid and sophisticated.
  2. Pay tribute to the iconic character by adding Simba’s silhouette on one of your nails. With paint the silhouette can be created, using black nail polish and a fine brush. It has a powerful yet simple effect.
  3. Add the hakuna matata script to another nail for an added detail. It is time to stop worrying – which the phrase brings a fun and meaningful layer of design.

Alice in Wonderland

  1. Enter into a new world with this Alice in Wonderland nail design. I would start with a soft pastel blue base that will remind you of the dreamy essence Wonderland. The subtle shade is both fun and functional.
  2. The white rabbit the ever-present follower of Alice design on one nail White and pink nail polish or rabbit-shaped stickers are the details you can use.
  3. Finish with the addition of Mad Hatter hat and teacup details to a few nails. It has a fun and whimsical detail that will make you feel that we are already in wonderland.

Beauty and the Beast

  1. Tale As Old You can literally bring the tale as old a time to your nails with this Beauty and The Beast inspired look. The base is a yellow that reminds me of Belle’s legendary ball gown. Here’s an outside view showing the vivid shade that can be both joyful and sophisticated.
  2. Paint a few nails red with roses to symbolize the enchanted rose. The red nail polish with a fine brush or rose-shaped stickers are at your disposal to try it out yourself.
  3. For an extra hint, add the magical mirror detail on every other nail. It’s a tiny nod that really works to unify the whole design and transports you into Belle’s world.

Peter Pan

  1. Channel your inner Peter Pan with this Adventure Nail design. Start with a green that matches the verdant nature of Neverland. The red color is playful yet striking.
  2. Paint Tinkerbell’s silhouette in one of the nails as a favorite female companion of Peter Pan. Black and Green Nail Polish are good for the details but you can always us a Tinkerbell shaped sticker as I did.
  3. Top it off with an pirate ship silhouette on your middle finger. This small but mighty called-out makings gives your design adventure feels and makes you feel like it is from the Peter Pan realm.


  1. Nail Art Design Inspired by Mulan This nail design is done in honor of the tough warrior that are girls every day. Begin with a base of cherry blossom pink that captures the essence of Mulan’s world. The warm colour is both feminine and fierce.
  2. Attach warriors fan imitation as detail (Mulan is a mighty, graceful woman and warriors could always be seen wearing them). For the details, you can use red and gold nail polish or stick fan-shaped stickers instead.
  3. Add a dragon design on accent nails for extra flair. It might be a tiny detail however it brings an aura of power and mysterious feeling to your design as if you were one in the Mulan world.


  1. Bring your nails right into Agrabah with this Aladdin-inspired nail art. Start with an Arabian night blue base as a nod to the wonder of the movie. An elegant touch of deep blue exudes a kind of mystery.
  2. Paint the design of a magic lamp on one of your nails to symbolize Aladdin’s adventures. To replicate that you could simply go for gold nail polish or even choose stickers in the shape of a lamp.
  3. Finish up with Jasmine’s palace and a flying carpet design on a few nails. It is all about those little details; that make you feel like entering the world of Aladdin.


  1. Get the colors of but with this Pocahontas nail design. Begin with an earthy brown foundation, taking inspiration from the forests of the movie. The tone is a deep, rich shade that’s equally warm and earthy
  2. Add feather accents to some of the nails as a nod towards Pocahontas’s respect for nature. If you don’t have a nail polish pen, then the finer details can either be hand painted with white or brown.
  3. Add some patterns such as Colors of the Wind to few nails, for a bit more fashion. The little girly yet efficient elements that make the whole look keeps you more staged for action, but a lie back in Pocahontas world.


  1. Moana Nail Design Turn That Ocean Blue Bringing the spirit of the ocean to your nails. Start with a tropical teal base as vibrant and stunning as the world of Moana. The bold color just reeks of freshness simply because you hardly see vibrant teeth.
  2. Put island flowers on some nails to signify Moana’s bond with her Natives. Pink and yellow nail polish (and a little bit of white) for the details or flower-shaped stickers.
  3. For the finishing touch, add Maui’s hook and ocean wave`s details on a few nails. The more and intricate your design, the more adventure you feel riding along in Moana world.


Recreating Disney Nail Art does not have to be complicated. But if you are inventive and use the right resources, you can have a Disney movie experience at your fingertips. From fans of fashion to cool moms, these basic Disney nail designs are a treat. Share your creations on social media using #YourBrandName Happy painting!

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