Fresh Simple Fall Nail Look

15 Fresh Simple Fall Nail Look

Autumn is here, having debuted last week; the ideal occasion for updating your nail game with some seasonal designs. From fashionistas to Disney lovers and everything in-between, this selection of easy fall nail art designs has something for everyone. We have everything from traditional autumn hues to warm flannel prints. This guide will zip you through each design giving you pointers and creativity so that your nails can be the talk of town.

Classic Fall Colors

Dark Red, Rust Orange Hues

  1. Rich, warm colors are associated with the fall. The colors of the season are also rich deep burgundy and burnt orange. These colors bring a level of warmth and comfort to the home, which is perfect for fall.
  2. If that sounds out of your nail art realm, layer a few nails with burgundy and the rest in burnt orange to start. With its simple design and bold finish, this look is suited to those on the more minimalistic side of style. Finish with gold leaf touch, If you want more pop
  3. They come in your classic hues, so winter styles can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. From the pumpkin patch to a fancy dinner, these shades have you covered.

Sleek Touches with Geometric Patterns

  1. If you are the fan of refined style and minimal decor, geometric accents make for a perfect choice. Discover triangles, squares and lines which can be done with nail stickers or a steady hand.
  2. Choose a balanced base color such as beige or taupe to accentuate the geometric shapes. Styled will just about anything, tis sharp and trendy design looks right on point away from off-duty style to weather you in a night out with the girls.
  3. Experiment with shapes and size of rings, feel free to mix it up. Balance is key; the look should be bold, but kept tasteful.

Matte Finishes

Earthy Tones – Soft Matte Texture

  1. This season is full of matte finishes. They provide a satin-like, velvety finish and make your glossy nails look different from the norm. Perfect for this look are earthy tones such as olive green, terracotta and mustard yellow.
  2. This magical topcoat can turn any polish in to the trendiest matte finish. Just work on your best earthy shade and seal with matte topcoat.
  3. Not only is naked nails -boring, but besides not very fashionable of course. They chip less and are a go-to for people who use their hands on the regular.

Adding Metallics Into the Mix For Depth

  1. Matte nails with metallic touches can create a beautiful contrast. Gold, Silver or Bronze Lines and Dots(Runtime)- Adds nice depth / dimension to your design
  2. You can create these accents with a very small brush, or you get the Metallic Nail Tape in gold. Matte + Metallic Is Modern & Luxurious
  3. The beautiful designs which are mostly suitable for evening events or just to spectacular look. The metal accents catch the light perfectly making your nails pop.

Nature-inspired Designs

Leaf patterns and pumpkin tree silhouettes

  1. You can do this with designs inspired by nature to celebrate the loveliness of autumn. Leaves of the tree and silhouetted shapes are charming yet powerful plans that rundown vigorously senators of time.
  2. Begin with a blank canvas of nude or beige. Paint thin, green, brown or gold leaves and twigs with a fine brush.
  3. A great pick for those who cherish nature and have a melee design which serve as an understated nod toward the seasons. They are probably the most versatile kind of footwear you can wear.

Natural patterns go smoothly with neutral base colors

  1. A true classic, you can never go wrong with a neutral base color for fall. They create a blank canvas for beautiful, detailed natural patterns such as leaves, branches and flowers.
  2. Your base should be in light colours i.e. ivory, cream or a very pale brown that would suite your skin tone. Darker colors when you paint your patterns and they will pop out nicely from the neutral background.
  3. They are timeless and beautiful, making them fitting for both informal contexts when one wish to receive guests in the quality of a hostess as well. Additionally, they are beginner-friendly and simple to put together.

Sweater Weather Nails

Patterns of Cable Knits and The Comfort of Cozies

  1. It’s sweater weather and ain’t no better way to celebrate than rocking cable knit pattern nails. These imitate the feel of your favorite warm, fuzzy sweater.
  2. Begin with a neutral colour; gray or beige. Apply a cable knit pattern with a fine brush for textured 3D nails.
  3. They are perfect for the fall and winter designs, adding a really cozy feel to your rotation. Besides, they sure make for a interesting topic of conversation being so unlike traditional pottery.

Very Fall Sweater Neutral Tones

  1. You can not go fall without neutral tones. They are versatile and would go with anything you wear. Considerable to the upshot of your chosen season, Think about tones plain taupe-beige-grey colours similar for everyone else fall knitwear.
  2. These shades are beautiful by themselves in a simple, single-colored manicure. In fact, with a layer of matte topcoat the finish will be soft and velvety.
  3. So, this design is suited well for those people who lean toward the minimal form. They are simple to make and easy to sustain, which is just what someone looking for a healthier snack needs.

Pumpkin Spice Palette

Warm Browns and Pumpkin Hues

  1. Pumpkin Spice, oh yes! A warm cozy reminder of fall. That means warm browns, pumpkin oranges and similar colors that are key shades of the annual festive season.
  2. Pair a warm brown base with nail or accent nails in pumpkin. It is such an on-trend, festive combination for any gathering you have planned this fall.
  3. Also, you can combine different browns and oranges for a more interesting appearance. They are such versatile shades for dressing up or more casually!

Spice Inspired Accent Nails

  1. Spice up your nails with accent designs that will remind you of cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg! The designs are easy to do and most of them look the best with at least neat base under it so that you won’t ruin or spoil if you mess up a bit.
  2. Spice it up with a fine brush on one or two accent nails. The look can incorporate swirls, lines and dots in varying tones of brown to gold.
  3. These Prints are ideal for anyone who loves the feeling of Signalling off hte warmth and cosiness that Fall tends to bring! Those are super easy to do and give a fresh look to the normal manicure.

Gradient Autumnal Shades

Falling For Dazzling Gradient Leaf Colors

  1. Using gradient nails allows you to also have a few different fall colors in your mani. Ranging from shades of red, to orange and yellows and blending together like so.
  2. Begin with the lightest color at the tip of your nail and feather this into darker colors. The sponge for the smooth gradient effect.
  3. So this design is really one for the lovers of bold, colorful things. This is even be an attention-grabber whilst the fall leaves, since not only does it match some of them but its beauty around fall color in general.
  4. All images are from Hair Romance except for this photo is my team and the final result of one side after we sectioned a neat line all down your head to pull back with.
  5. Ombre is another way of shading, but with a slight twist on the gradient. Begin the shadow from near black at roots to a softer more ashy brown towards ends.
  6. We suggest choosing complimentary colors, for example burgundy to baby pink or forest green to mint.
  7. It generates a tasteful and luxurious style which is not only suitable for casual wearing, we may also put on it to attend some gentleman activities! This also gives a 3D look and feel to the nails which I think is great.

Rustic Chic Nails

Matte Finish with Distressed Gold Highlights

  1. Rustic glam nails are a combination of sophisticated matte finishes and rustic gold details. This look is perfect for someone who loves a more upmarket but casual style.
  2. To kick off, layer a matte foundation by means of olive-green or terracotta. Rustic gold foil or a light brush
  3. Well, the design is perfectly versatile and fits in all occasions. Both modern and timeless-it’s a welcome addition to your fall nail repertoire.

SOB Simple Minimalist Lines, and Dots

  1. If you like minimalistic pieces, then simple lines or dots are another great example. Create Your Own with These Simple Yet Trendy Designs Paulina Vex These designs are really easy to make and they all look so- trendy?!
  2. Begin with a neutral foundation then use an excellent brush to apply strains and dots of complementary shades. It might be done with vertical lines, diagonal stripes or scattered dots.
  3. Perhaps the perfect style for people who enjoy simpler, more subdued designs. It is really easy to maintain and can be dressed up or down accordingly.

Harvest Festival Nails

Cornucopia-inspired Nail Art

  1. Occasion: Cornucopia Nail Art For A Harvest Season Spirit It is festive and captures the bounty of fall veggies.
  2. Using a neutral base color and fine paint brush, draw designs of cornucopia. Fruits, vegetables or green leafs (and its derivatives) in different shades of green, orange and yellow
  3. Just in time for fall festivals and other get-togethers. It is so fun and festive, it will make your nail art different from the one you have tried before.

Metallic Tips that Look Like Fall Yields!

  1. Metallic Gemstones with Autumn Harvest Tips – Elevate your nails to the next level this season and indulge in this elegant summer paradise. This look is perfect for a night event and contemporary.
  2. Begin with a neutral base and then sprinkle on some Golden, Silver or Bronze metallic tips. Thin brush/ nail tape to make the edges crisp and sharp.
  3. This is a stunningly beautiful yet simple design and for those who desire luxury. There shiny metallic tips pick up the light perfectly shining your nails.

Cozy Flannel Patterns

Plaid Designs in Fall Colors

  1. Fall is prime time for plaid designs and they can be simple to put into your manicure rotation. Rich in reds, greens and yellows mimicking your favorite plaid flannel shirts.
  2. Use a thin brush to paint with the base color first and add plaid pattern. That could be vertical and horizontal lines that are different colors.
  3. This is a comfy chic look ideal for everyday wear and fall parties alike. Also, it is a really easy layer and will make your outfit feel more fall appropriate without drowning you out in wool.

Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat for a Snuggly Flannel Look

  1. Embrace a cozy vibe with matte plaid designs; add a matt topcoat. The texture is somewhat like flannel, super cool and different finish to your manicure.
  2. Begin with your plaid design, and top it off with a coat of matte. In addition, this finish is more durable and less prone to chipping.
  3. Ideal for anyone who appreciates a relaxed and comfortable design. Simple to maintain and gives a fall vibe.

Falling Leaves Designs

Leaf-Silhouette and Vein Nails

  1. Get the instructions from Pies n’ Prose. The leaf silhouettes and veins look basic, but they are impactful with a natural touch to your fingernails.
  2. If you are a little more advanced with your painting skills, begin by using fine brush and paint over the whole nail in at least two coats for deep opacity of any pastel. this will give even better vibrancy to my florals! Little bursts of sparkles to represent the shine that comes from new fallen leaves.
  3. One of the best examples was this design inspired by wild animals for us nature lovers. It is the epitome of class and also great for all occasions.

Falling Leaves with Glitter Accents

  1. Glitter Falling Leaves Adding some glitter touches here and there can easily take a common falling leaves design to the next level. This will add a winter jumper finish to your nail because it is suitable for all holiday hang out.
  2. For a complete ethereal effect, utilise your brush and lightly dab glitter on the tips of those leaves or along their veins. This makes a wonderful sparkling effect in the light.
  3. A perfect bed design for women that love a little shimmer in their beds and you can say it is luxurious as well. It is easy to do, and it makes for an interesting alternative from a normal mani.

Acorn and Pinecone Accents

Acorn and Pinecone Decals Over a Neutral Base

  1. Add a few acorn or pinecones accents and voila! These designs are minimal but effective – a bit of nature added to your manicure.
  2. Take a wet cloth and clean the piece followed by, painting with light colors, preferably neutral such as beige (if you want to leave more pattern) or earthy tone. Add details of acorns and pine cones in darker colors with some decals or fine brush.
  3. This design is great for those who love nature and provides a little bit of charm to your regular manicure. Not to mention, it is a very elegant and versatile sects that can be worn in any function.

Realistic Textured Polish

  1. Use a textured polish on your acorn and pinecone patterns for an AUTHENTIC appearance. This gives your manicure more depth and whatnot so it pops.
  2. Just a small amount of my acorn and pinecone stamps, then wrapped it all in textured polish. It gives your nails a matte texture which is not so different from the human nail.
  3. The pattern works great for all you nail enthusiasts who enjoy doing detailed and intricate designs. This is both an unusual and elegant device that can become the subject of conversation.

Harvest Moon Nails

Navy Blue and Silver Moon Creek-inspired Design

  1. Girlie harvest moon nail design! You cannot go wrong with navy blue and silver to give that night sky feel.
  2. Using a fine brush, make silver inspired crescent moon shapes over your navy blue base. My kiddo loves crescent moons, stars and constellations.
  3. It is best for you to try something like this, especially if the design of an evening event will be worn because it gives a more luxurious impression. It embodies an air of the future yet remains classic, using the heavens above as a beautiful focal point.

Crescent Moon and Stars

  1. Bring a little whimsy to your harvest moon nails by adding crescent moons, and stars These designs are effortless but they will do wonders for your round manicure.
  2. Painting silver crescent moons and stars with a small brush. Which has a lovely contrast against the navy blue base
  3. For fans of the celestial, this design is ideal. Both formal and whimsical, meets any occasion.

Earthy Minimalisms

Neutral Colors and minimalist art

  1. The design is minimalistic and earthy. These nude and taupe items will pair so nicely to make a fresh, clean face.
  2. Use a thin brush and start with a base in nude or taupe colors, to create minimalist art. Which can be simply a dashed line, a point or some simple shapes in different colours.
  3. It is a design for those who enjoy cleaner and classic looks. It is also easy to clean and very convenient for any occasion.

A Matte Topcoat for an Elegant Finish

  1. Use a matte topcoat on your simple earth tone nails to complete the polished look. This makes for a matt, velvety finish which kind of adds an old world edge to your mani.
  2. Use your minimalist design as a backdrop and top coat that sucker in matte. Start with… The finish is both stylish and functional as it lowers the possibility of chipping.
  3. Great design for minimalists. It’s fancy and classic, a perfect combination for any setting.

Cranberry and Cinnamon Spice

Fugitive Red Roots and Cinnamon Stick Accents

  1. Keep fall vibes alive with a cranberry red and burnished cinnamon accents. So yes, this design is very festive and classy in its presentation just right on fleek for the holiday.
  2. Base Nail Cranberry Red Then Use Fine Line Brush to Accent using Cinnamon Spice This can be represented by swirls, lines and dots of brown/gold.
  3. This one is an ideal design for people who like warm and snuggly appearance. It’s a quick and different way to decorate the nail!

Quick Swirls and Dots for a Pepper-Like Design

  1. Involve a pop of shade to your nails with straightforward swirls and dots. These are super simple to do and the perfect way to jazz up any old manicure.
  2. Paint swirls and dots with brown and gold using fine brush. This juxtaposition gives a beautiful contrast to the cranberry red base.
  3. Simple Classic This is a great design for those who like simple, clean looks. The great thing about this appetizer is that it can be served all year round for any celebration.

Pumpkin Patch Nails

Rust Base with Pumpkin Tint Vines and Leaves

  1. Color: A satisfyingly festive ode to the pumpkin patch, celebrate with your nail technician 1. This classic fall favorite has a pumpkin orange base and vine & leaf elements.
  2. Paint a very simple leaf with light green and dark brown on the existing pumpkin orange.Optional:This is only suggested, feel free to damage your paint job however you like. This gives an elegant, detailed impression.phase 5.
  3. Great for fall festivals and get-togethers. It’s not only fun but also festive so this one is a real must-have to your manicure.

Gloss Matte Topcoat

  1. Finish off your pumpkin patch nails with a matte topcoat for a nice velvety look. For some details you can use glossy accents (or other liquid medium) to add a bit of shine which gives beautiful contrast.
  2. Begin with your pumpkin patch pattern and finish it off with a matte top coat. Then take a fine brush to gloss the vines and leaves.
  3. This design is simple yet chic and makes for a great party wear! The difference of matte and glossy makes your manicure have layers.


With that in mind, let your summertime memories fade the best way there is: By crafting simple fall nails to celebrate the season. With all the possibilities from classic fall colors to snuggly flannel patterns, it has something for everyone. These are not just fashionable styles, but very easy designs as well which are ideal for beginners.

Give it a try and have fun with your nails! Experiment with different designs and colors including… If you have any questions, our professionals will help you!

Fall 2017, hope you have fun painting your nails this season!

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